ImageThis is what our know zone is about . We have been doing presentations about charities that try to help to make the world a better place such as the RSPCA Zone 1 do their normal reading. Zone 2 are looking at Martin Luther King and his famous speech “i have a dream”. Zone 3 are producing a drama the setting is a talkshow or a court-room. Zone 4 they are writing a speech about who they did their presentation on. Zone 5 are doing research on Nelson Mandela. Do you know anything about Nelson Mandela? Or an argument as to if you think something is fair or not ?


Comic Relief 2013

This week we are looking at Comic Relief. We have watched a video about Urban Slums and learnt about a boy’s life. He’s 13 called Dennis.

We are also thinking about who we should ask to change the situation in these other countries.

What is power?


This week we have started a new Know Zone – What is power? In our zones we are looking at powerful people in our Country. We have to research what they do and who they are. We also have to look at different types of power – electric, wave, energy.

In Zone 2 we are listening to two different types of music and drawing how it makes us feel. We are exploring how powerful music is and how it evokes emotion and memories.

YOUR TASK: What piece of music makes you remember a sad occasion? What about a happy time? Why this piece of music?

What makes an ‘alien’ in 2013?


This week, we are thinking about people that join our community. We are discussing and researching the reasons as to why people have to leave their own communities and why sometimes we think of these people as ‘alien’ just because they’re different to us. We’re writing a diary entry pretending we have just started at a new school, we are creating stop motion animations on what we think aliens from outer space might look like and creating a piece of drama about someone joining our school on their first day. This week we’re developing our empathy skills and collaboration.

You can have a go at our Zone 4: Writing task and then add it to this blog.

Your task is to write a diary pretending you have just started at a new school. Think about how you feel and what happens throughout the day. Perhaps you can’t make any friends, perhaps you don’t speak the same language, or maybe someone is being horrible to you.

Who are the masters of the Universe?

In charge of the world

This week, we are looking at the people that make up our World. In our zones we are learning about how our World has developed. We are doing some more research into the different planets in our solar system. We are also considering what life might be like on other planets in the solar system by planning a trip into space. Where would you go and what would you do there?

We are also thinking about communities and who we would include in our community if we were only allowed 100 people. What is essential? What isn’t? What would you do?

In our reading zone. Our new book is about space dinosaurs.


This is our group Alpmonmorif in Zone 1: Reading.

Our new book is about space dinosaurs.